Fix Missing Nvidia Control Panel in Windows 10

Suddenly, many people faced a problem with the missing Nvidia control panel. Many users have reported these issues many times. If your Nvidia control panel is missing, don’t panic. Relax first.

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Missing Nvidia control panel is due to missing registry key, latest driver updates, or some errors in the registry key. Another possibility is you have DCA drivers from Microsoft which conflict with the Nvidia display driver.

In this article, we will provide a solution to the problems.

Fix Missing Nvidia Control Panel

1) Downloading Nvidia Control Panel

You can download the Nvidia control panel as applications from the Microsoft store. However, I won’t recommend it. The downloaded Nvidia control panel from Microsoft store has limited features and options.


Use this, if other points are not working for you.

2) Downloading Official Nvidia Driver

Instead of downloading the control panel as an application from Microsoft store, I would recommend you install Nvidia studio driver instead of the official site.

Download from Nvidia Official website and install them. If you have DCH installed in your computer, then under Nvidia advanced search, select DCH instead of standard. Otherwise, you can download Nvidia Geforce Experiences and update or reinstall your drivers from it.

Nvidia control panel might get missed due to corrupted drivers so reinstalling them might fix the problems.

How to download the official Nvidia driver?

  • Go to the official download pages of Nvidia (Websites).
  • Choose the details of your product (Graphics card). If the wrong driver is installed, that will cause issues in your pc. (See image for reference)


  • Download the latest Nvidia driver after searching and install them.

After installing, restart your computer. It will now get access to the Nvidia control panel. It will fix missing Nvidia control panel errors. If not, follow other methods.

3) Changing Settings

Sometimes, the Nvidia control panel is installed properly but the Nvidia control panel is missing when right-clicking on the desktop. This is due to some settings that prevent the control panel from showing there.

How to add Nvidia Control Panel on the desktop?

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select Nvidia Control Panel.

If you don’t see this option, follow the method below.

  1. Open C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation. (It should exist if you have successfully installed Nvidia drivers.)
  2. Open Control Panel Client.
  3. Open nvcplui application.
  • Under the desktop tab, select Add Desktop Content Menu. There should be a tickmark in front of it.
  • Now you can easily access the control panel from the desktop itself.


4) Services Settings

If all the methods above did not help you, then this might fix your problems.

  • Open Services.
  • Search for Nvidia Display Container LS.
  • Make sure, it is running. If not, start the services. If the services are already running, right-click and press restart.

Nvidia Control Panel Services


I Hope, this small knowledge helps you to fix your problems related to missing the Nvidia control panel. If not, comment below so that’s we can assists you forward.

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