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Play PUBG Mobile Smoothly (Pubg Mobile Lag Fix)

Many PUBG players don’t have good phones or devices to play PUBG mobile Smoothly. Even they do not get sufficient fps and the games lag. If there are no sufficient fps to play PUBG mobile, then the devices lag, ping fluctuates and you can’t play the game smoothly. So for low-end devices, the best way to get 60 fps is using the GFX tool. Many people do not know the best settings of the GFX tools, so in this article, we will discuss the best settings for the GFX tool.

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       GFX Tool does not cause any ban. I personally use the GFX tool to make my games smoother. If there are any notices from PUBG Team, I will notify you.  The most important thing is to use the latest version of the GFX tool. GFX developers regularly update the applications so they must check the latest version of the GFX tool before using it.

I personally recommended one GFX tool named ” GFX Tool for Pubg ” developed by tsoml and another “BAGT” by Jediar Studio. You can use other gfx tools but they might cause a ban as I am not sure about that. By using gfx tools, you can play pubg mobile smoothly You can download the GFX tool by following links:

Download Links

GFX Tools For PUBG
BAGT(No Ban)

Best settings to play pubg mobile smoothly

These settings are perfect for me. You can use your own settings but they might not help you. In order to play pubg mobile lag-free, these are the recommended settings from my preferences. These are the best pubg mobile gfx settings. First of all select, the version of the pubg mobile you are playing.

1) Resolution

              It has a big impact on the graphics. The recommended settings are 1440(HD+). If game lag, then change the resolution to 1280(HD).If you go below 1280, the game will be choppy and unplayable.

2) Graphics

              Set graphics to so smooth or smooth that will give you more fps. Prefer smooth but if smooth causes lag, then set graphics to so smooth.

3) FPS: 60

              Set fps to 60. After this, you will gain 60 fps in the game. It is recommended to have a 60 fps limit but put 30 if your game chops a lot.

4) Anti-aliasing

              Disable antialiasing is recommended unless you have a high-end gaming phone.

5) Styles

              Set styles to classic or colorful. Colorful is recommended as it helps to spot enemies faster.

6) Rendering Quality

              Set it low unless you have a gaming phone like POCO F1 or processor greater than snapdragon 730g.

7) Shadows

              Disable the shadows as shadows are not noticeable while you play the games.

8) Shadow Distance

              Since we have set shadow too low/disable, so shadow distance makes no sense. So set it low.

9) Effects Quality

              The effects are best at Low. By making effects low, you will gain high performance in your game. But if you are sniper then you must set it to high so that you can spot enemy far away from you.

10) Improvements for effects

              Similar to effects quality, set it to Low but for sniper players keeping low might not render far objects properly so sniper should keep it high.

11) Objects LOD Distance 

              This settings deals with detail of the game so keeping it Low can help you to gain performance but for the sniper, keep it high.

12) Foliage LOD Distance

              Similar to objects LOD distance, keeping it Low can speed up performance but keep it high, if you are the sniper.

13) Color Format

              For fps keep it 32 bit but for good quality, keep it 64 bit.

14) Detail Mode

              Set it to Default if you are mid-range or close-range fighter but for sniper, keep it high. It helps you to spot enemy far better.

15) Lights Effects

              Actually, you don’t need light effects so keeping it Low is the best option. So keep it low to gain fps but for quality, you can go with high settings.

16) Graphics API

              Vulkan API is recommended in many devices mainly android with version 8 or above. If it didn’t help you, you can go with OpenGL but OpenGL affects the performance.

17) GPU Optimisation

              Thanks to gfx tools for having this option. This is the most important needed settings. It helps you optimize your gfx performance. So the best option is to enable it.

18) Sound Quality

              This is your choice. If you want high-quality sound then set it to High or Ultra or you can set it to low. Recommended Settings is high or ultra.

19) Save Controls

              Set it Enable. It helps you to save your controls so you don’t need to change them again and again.

Best Gfx settingsPubg Mobile Gfx settings

I hope these settings help you to play pubg mobile smoothly and if you ask me about it, I would say best pubg mobile gfx settings.

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