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Want to test website speed but don’t know how to test website speed?
How fast your website load? 

You made a beautiful website but don’t know how much does it take to load. Well, I also became confused for the first time. After so much research, we have found an excellent way to test website speed. After building a site, it is frustrating to see website loading slow.

Have you optimize your site after building sites, then it is very important to optimize websites. You can find plenty of guides on optimizing websites. We have also written an article about optimizing websites. If you have not seen my article about increasing the website site, kindly follow the method explained in the link.

Increase Website Speed

Now after reading the article on increasing website speed, we will now test website speed via online method. There are mainly 5 methods to test website speed.

  • GT Metrix
  • Pingdom Tools
  • Web Page Test
  • Dareboost
  • Pagespeed Insights

Best way to test website speed

1) GT Metrix

gtmetrix report

One of my favorite tools is gtmetrix. Gmetrix nicely summarized your website performance based on website load time.

Features of GT Metrix

  • Analyze your website with google page speed insights and yslow rulesets.
  • Give an idea about your website load time, total page size, and total HTTP request.
  • Compare your page performance with your competitive websites.
  • Test your pages from a different region(eg:- Canada, India, Brazil, China, UK, Australia and USA)
  • Analyze your website from mobile devices (pro)
  • Simulate Device, change screen resolution, and more developer tools.
  • Give suggestion to improve your sites

Above you can see my gtmetrix report. I recommended you gtmetrix. If you want to optimize a website like mine as in the report, kindly check our blog.

Optimize Website Speed

I am 100% sure, you will be happy with the result after reading our articles.

2) Pingdom Tools

pindom results

Nobody likes a slow website. Pingdom Tools offer you website speed test to analyze your website speed and performance. In order to optimize the websites, it recommends some ideas like gtmetrix. With Pingdom tools, you can monitor website performance, uptime, and better user experiences.

Features of Pingdom tools

  • Test your pages from a different region
  • PageSpeed Monitoring
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Uptime count

3) Web Page Test

It is also one of the best speed tester. You can test your website from this site. You can run a free web page test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers and at real visitors connection speed. Your results will provide rich diagnostics information including waterfall charts  Pagespeed optimization checks and suggestions for improving your sites.

Features of web page test

  • Run webpage speed test from multiple locations.
  • Provide waterfall charts and page speed optimization checks.
  • Give Suggestions for improving your webpages.
  • Test webpages from the real browser(IE and Chrome) with real connection speed.
  • Run webpage speed test from multiple devices like android and desktop for free (in other tools you will have to pay)

4) Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed insights are google own web page testing tools. It analyzed the content of webpages, then give suggestions to improve webpages speed and performance. It uses the lighthouse to analyze give URL. It generates a performance score that estimates the performance of the page in different metrics including First Contentful paint, largest contentful paint, speed index, time to interactive, and total blocking times.

Features of Pagespeed Insights

  • Give reports on performance of a page on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Provide suggestions to improve webpage speed and performance.
  • Give performance reports in different metrics like first and largest contentful paint, time to interactive, etc.
  • Based on lighthouse audits.

5) Dareboost

Test your websites speed at a glance. It is free as well as paid. Its directly talk about its features as it has no more features for free users.

Features Of Dareboost

  • Performance Test
  • Web Page Analytics including SEO, security, performance
  • Quality Audit
  • Greater Insights on web performance: Waterfall and Timeline
  • 13 testing locations across the world


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