Fix Errors Related to Rockstar Game Launcher

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It’s so much frustrating for gamers as they can’t play games without any trouble. Sometimes Rockstar Game Launcher pushes much error while launching the game and sometimes the game crashes. When playing GTA 5, I had also got many errors but managed to solve this problem anyhow.

Problems in Rockstar Game Launcher

The below list shows the errors I had encountered with many other gamers while launching the rockstar game launcher.

  1. Rockstar Game Services are unavailable right now.
  2. Failed to connect to the Rockstar Game Services.
  3. Could not establish Connection and Offline Mode.
  4. You have been signout from the games.
  5. The social club failed to load due to an incomplete installation(code 1002).

If the error you have faced is not mentioned here, kindly mentioned the error in the comment section so that our team members can reproduce the problems and find out the solution for that specific problem.

Solutions for mentioned Problems

Rockstar Game Services are unavailable right now.

GTA Online Rockstar game services are unavailable right now error

When you get this error, first try to go to the story mode and try to start the online session again. If you see the problems again, simply restart the game on your console/pc. If possible restart the whole system but it might not be necessary for many gamers. It would fix the problem.

If this did not fix your problem, it might be the case that you have a poor network connection. Check your internet connection first. Try to restart the router if possible.

Failed to connect to the Rockstar Game Library Services.

Failed to Connect to Rockstar Game Library Services

If this is the error, then the reason behind this is the services “Rockstar Game Library” is not running or has stopped working. First, try to restart the launcher and if the same errors occurred, try any of the following solutions.

Method #1

  1. Open Run by pressing Win+R. A dialog box should appear.
  2. Type services.msc and press ok.
  3. Scroll down until you found Rockstar Game Library Services and right-click once found.
  4. Click Properties.
  5. Under General in Startup Type, click Manual from the dropdown menu.
  6. Finally, start the services.
  7. Launch the launcher. The error must be fixed now

Method #2

  1. Open system configuration. (You can open this by searching system configuration in the start menu or Win R+ msconfig)
  2. Under the Services tab, first, hide all the Microsoft services so that you won’t change any system settings mistakenly.
  3. Search for Rockstar Game Library Services.
  4. If it’s unticked, tick it and press ok.
  5. A prompt is asked whether you want to restart the computer or not. Restart the computer.

You can perform any of these 2 methods. It would fix your problems surely.

Could not establish Connection and Offline Mode.

Rockstar Game Launcher Offline Mode

If this is the case. then I think you can’t also access the social club login website. Try following solutions as per your need.

Method #1 (If you can access the social club login page)

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click documents and then the rockstar games folder.
  3. Delete the social club folder.
  4. Open rockstar game launcher and log in to your account. (This might helps you. Personally, my error is also fixed by this method.)

Method #2 (If you can’t access the social club login page)

I am sorry to say but I think there are no more best solutions than using VPN. If you can’t access the social club login page, try using VPN. One of my recommended free VPNs is But you can use any VPN you want. It all depends upon you. But remember VPN is the most.

If you are playing for story mode, use VPN until you are inside the game and you can disconnect the VPN after that but for online mode, you need to connect to the VPN while you are playing or until you have stopped playing.

You have been signout from the games

You have been sign-out out

Sometimes you can face this problem while opening GTA5. It might be the case that some things have blocked gta5 from running. (might be windows defender)

To solve this problem, first, try to relaunch the game. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it’s not. If that did not help, perform the solutions mentioned below.

This method applies to pc only.

  1. Open Windows and Security in Windows 10.
  2. Select Windows Security from the left sidebar.
  3. Click Virus and threat protection.
  4. Scroll down and click Manage ransomware protection.
  5. Click Allow an app through Controlled folder access. (If prompted, click yes)
  6. Click add an allowed app.
  7. Browse the location of gta5.exe installed on your pc and add it.

Now, launch the game. It might help you. If it did not, then try using VPN.

The social club failed to load due to an incomplete installation(code 1002).

Social club failed due to incomplete installation

The cause of this problem is that your social club is corrupted or you have not completely installed the latest version of the social club. You can solve the rockstar game launcher error by following methods.

Method #1 (Updating the social club)

Update the social club. It will update automatically if you can access the social club login webpages.

If you can’t access the login webpages, then use VPN and launch the rockstar game launcher. It will download the latest version of the rockstar game launcher and rockstar games social club.

Once completed, your error might be fixed. If it didn’t help, try uninstalling the rockstar game launcher and rockstar game social club. Download the latest version from the official pages and install them. While installing, if you can’t access the social club login, use VPN.

Method #2 (Restoring Default Location)

  1. Click File Explorer.
  2. Right, Click on Documents.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Under the location tab, click restore the default.
  5. Click Apply and OK.

Now restart the game. It would work now.

I Hope, these solutions will help you to solve your problems. If this helps you, don’t forget to comment in the comment section and share this article with your friends facing the same problems,

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  1. I’m experiencing error number 2 and neither of the fixes listed have worked, are there any more possible fixes that you know of?..

    • I had the same issues in the past and this method had worked for me. Can you elaborate more about your problems. If above method are not working, Try manually starting the services.
      Right-click the rockstar game library services and press start.

      • Bro, the problem is that I literally don’t have a rockstar games services in my services! I go in there and there is no service! It only appears when I run the launcher and get the error. And then it doesn’t even let me. It says the service has been marked for deletion so I literally can’t fix this issue.

  2. I have the error – The social club failed to load due to an incomplete installation (code 1)

    none of the options here worked, also I tried to allow social club through my windows security, and I noticed that social club doesn’t exist on my pc after reinstalling the Rockstar games launcher…? (i.e: all of the social club folders/files are no longer in the Rockstar games launcher directory, or my documents) im so confuzed, any help would be appreciated

    • Can you access “” this website? If no, then connect to VPN and try to reinstall the launcher. It will automatically fix the problem.

  3. i got this error The social club failed to load due to an incomplete installation (code 0)
    And yes it said code 0 not code 1 there isnt a single fix anywhere online ive been looking every where everyone just have code 1 no one got code 0, ive tried fixes for code 1 but they dont work, maybe you can help?

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