How to Add Pros and Cons features in WordPress

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I’ll show you how to add pros and cons to WordPress in this blog. When you review products on affiliate or review sites, we sometimes need to provide pros and drawbacks. If you’re an affiliate blogger, you’ll want to include pros and disadvantages sections in your site so that readers can quickly learn about product characteristics.

There are several methods for including advantages and disadvantages on a website. I’ll show you the attractive one in this blog. Here are a few options for including pros and drawbacks on a website.

Using Plugins

If you are using classic editor, then Mighty classic Pros and Cons are an excellent choice. This plugin provides a shortcode and you can easily add lists of advantages and disadvantages to a website. It has an easy user interface so you can get any trouble in adding shortcodes.

WP Pros and Cons

This plugin has three different styles, you can choose between them. Its lets you create a responsive and mobile-friendly pro and cons list in your blogs.

Style of Mighty Classic Pros and Cons

Below are the styles available in the plugin.

Features of Mighty Classic Plugin

  1. Responsive and mobile-friendly
  2. Has three beautiful styles
  3. Offer download button for each pro and cons box
  4. Beginner friendly and easy to use
  5. Attractive visual Pros and Cons Table
  6. Add unlimited custom fields
  7. Provides shortcodes features
  8. Support both classic and block but for block, you have to download another plugin

If you are using block or Gutenberg editor, you need to download the Gutenberg version of this plugin, but for block editor, I won’t recommend downloading this plugin because this plugin has not been updated since the last 3 major updates of WordPress. So, this might hamper the security.

For block editor, I recommend using i2 Pros and Cons. This plugin support both classic and block editor, but is not as attractive visually as compared to Mighty Classic Pros and Cons. But it all depends upon you

i2 Pros and Cons UI

Styles of i2 Pros and Cons

Below are the styles available in the plugin.

Featured of i2 Pros and Cons

  1. Customizable via settings
  2. 10 different templates
  3. Responsive and mobile-friendly
  4. Has Amazon Affiliated buttons
  5. One-click Pros and Cons addition
  6. Support both Classic and Gutenberg editors
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