Best 10 Ways to Start Youtube Channel


How to start youtube channel with no/less money?

Want to create/start youtube channel but don’t know how to start and where to start? You don’t have sufficient money or you want to create a channel free of cost.

Well, let me tell you. You don’t need a huge amount of money to start youtube channel and invest in equipment and products. You can check out the tweet of MrBeast for inspiration.

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You might have came in this article in the thought of starting a youtube channel. In this article, I will explain my point of view on starting a new youtube channel. I hope this article helps you a lot.

So let’s start our guide on “How to start youtube channel”. Here are the few lists/tips for starting a successful and profitable youtube channel.

1) Plan content

To start youtube channel, you must have plan content to publish on youtube. I am sure that you have already decided on video content. One of the best ways of increasing followers and subscribers is keeping your content interesting, meaningful, and engaging.

Better your content, higher the followers you gain.

You must have your content on a dedicated topic. For example, if you have created your channel on tutorials topics, you must not make video on traveling in that channel. If you want to publish traveling videos then kindly make another channel about traveling and encourages people from another channel who likes traveling videos. It helps you to have a stable connection between you and your viewers. Let viewers know what they can except and learn from your channels. This is my opinion. You can do whatever you like.

2) Create videos with required equipment you have

Don’t leave this article after reading the heading. You can make videos using the equipment you have. You can use smartphones for recording videos, use window natural light for lighting, and use a stack of books as a tripod. You might think what the hell, how is it possible. Yes, it is possible. If you have enough money to invest, you can buy DSLR and tripods. I have found many YouTubers who are filming using their smartphones and window lights. To start youtube channel, you must have quality content in your videos.

You are complaining that you can be famous if you have DSLR or good equipments. Believe me, it’s just an excuse.  – DREAMANDU

3) Make every second important

To start youtube channel, you must produce quality content so that viewers can feel that every second of your videos is important. You should remove those scenes that you think may not be needed for your videos. In the final cut, you should re-check your content and check which scenes may not be important. Choose your best scenes and recheck the videos until you are satisfied with your content. This is very important to keep your viewers interested and engaged all over the video.

While re-checking the content, always thinks like visitors not like publishers. Just imagine that you are the viewers and think about what would you like to see in the video. Point down some notes in the paper or notebook and include those points in your videos.

4) Use Video Editing Software

It is very necessary to edit videos for making quality content to start youtube channel. But you must not be advanced to edit videos. Using video editing software does not mean that you need an advanced video editor. A simple video editor can be very useful for beginners. That advanced software will not improve your content if you are struggling for learning those software during the first week.

Best Free Video Editing Software

If you are new in the video editing, then you must use simple video editing programs. Windows has its video editor named Windows movie maker and Apple/IOS has iMovie. You can also edit video in android phone. For android my recommendation is Kinemaster.

5) Audio Recording

Audio plays a vital role in the video to start youtube channel. If you have quality content but have poor audio then it will directly affect your youtube channel. You don’t have to invest a lot in buying a microphone. There are cheaper microphone who performs well and gives a good vocal performance.

But if you don’t want to buy a microphone then do not worry. If you have a good earphone then they have an inbuilt microphone which you can use. Otherwise, you can buy good headphones with an inbuilt microphone which almost costs 10$ to 20$ or in 20$ you can buy Boya BY-M1. Also must use good audio recording software. In my opinion, Audacity is the best for recording audio as it is free.

6) Build your network with others

Youtube is all about sharing and collaborating with other people. To start youtube channel, you must build your network with others. You can share your videos on the social platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. By sharing your videos link in social media you will get enough viewers. I will give you one idea. Search Facebook groups/pages which are related to your video. Then take permission from the admin of pages and tell about your videos to them. If they agree then post your video links in that pages. You will gain viewers according to the page popularity.

If they did not permit you then share your videos links to Whatsapp. If your videos became viral in Whatsapp then nobody can stop you from gaining subscribers and followers. Also, you can collaborate with other YouTube creators, make friends. Don’t be afraid to contact large YouTubers. If you have quality content then I am sure that they will collaborate with you.

7) Proper Optimization of your video

Another important point to start youtube channel is optimizing your videos. As soon as you publish videos, give a proper description of what the videos are related to. You know, description also plays a vital role in ranking your videos. Write searchable words in the description then after some time when people search about that searchable words, you might get ranked.

Also, write video related tags in the tags section which will put your videos into different categories. Write related tags will help you to rank fast in youtube. When people search the tag which you have placed in your tag section or description then you will get ranked. Search popular keywords with low competition and good search and makes video on those topics. There are many keyword research tools but my recommendation is tube buddy.

8) Connect with your viewers and subscribers

Over time you will gain followers and comments in your video. Viewers will give you feedback or ask any questions. You must be active in the comments section and reply to those who give feedback or ask any questions. Doing that you will gain trust from your viewers and they will check your channel. And to win views heart, give them hearts. I have seen many viewers you are excited after getting hearts from their fellow creators. Giving hearts or not depends upon you.

Such interactions are very helpful as they can learn about you. If they find you interesting then they will follow you on youtube as well as social media. Create social media pages named on your channel and ask them to follow you for more knowledge, tutorials, etc.

9) Ignore Negative Comments

No matter how big or small creators you are but there are always negative comments in your videos. Don’t be panic after seeing negative comments. They are just jealous of you. No matter how good your content was but some people will make negative comments and try to demotivate you because of jealousness. Instead of letting them affects you, prove yourself how good is your content.

Don’t forget those people who appreciate your works, motivates you to create more videos. Seek strength from these people and yes, you can neglect those negatives comments.

10) Upload video regularly

Another important tip is uploading videos regularly at your time. No matter how good/bad is your content but if you did not upload your videos at a time then this might affects your channels channel. Many YouTubers publish their videos 1/2 times a week but they notify their viewers about them at the end of the videos. So you mush notify your viewers about your video uploading schedule then they will visit your channel at that specific schedule.

Bonus Tips

Clickbating is one of the popular ways of gaining subscribers. But it is the wrong way. You might get too many negative comments by doing click bating. But 5-10% clickbait is good enough to do. More than 10% of clickbait can affect your channel performance. So if you want to do clickbait, only do 5-10%. To start youtube channel, clickbait might helps you.

Final Thought

If you want to start youtube channel then you may not have efficient equipment. And you keep on complaining. Believe me, more than 90% of YouTubers start youtube channel without enough equipment. So stop complaining and start with whatever you have. After your channel begin to grow then you can buy good equipment.

I hope this article will help you in building a good channel. Don’t forget to share your experience of starting a youtube channel in the comment box below. If you find our articles useful then you can share this with your friends and relatives.

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