Top 8 Ideas For Making Youtube Videos Without Showing Your Face


Creating videos on youtube is a bit difficult as compared to others. Many people want to become a successful YouTuber but afraid of showing their face. Many people think we need to show our face but what if I told you, You can become a successful YouTuber by making youtube videos without showing your face.

Well, in this article, we will discuss the top 8 ideas on making youtube videos without showing your face.

Is it possible to create videos without showing your face?

This is the most common question people asked on the internet nowadays. Youtube Policy is changing day by day so monetizing your content is difficult if you are using others content.

Yes, creating videos without showing face is possible. Many YouTubers create youtube videos and gain millions of subscribers like Angry Prash, Total Gaming, Dynamo Gaming, etc.

Let me remind you. Your youtube channel can also be monetized if you are making youtube videos without showing your face. In 2020, youtube has become strict in the content that uses virtual voice assistant so my suggestion is to make your videos with your original voice.

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What are the youtube channel ideas for making videos without showing your face?

We have collected 8 ways of making videos without showing your face. So without wasting your time, let’s begin.

Animation Videos

This is a great way for making youtube videos without showing your face. The craziness of creating animated videos is increasing day by day. People often love animated videos than the videos of showing faces. You can create 2d and 3d animated videos.

If you are good enough in animations, you can do freelancing on Fiverr too. The best example of an animation video creator is Angry Prash, one of my favorite YouTubers. He started his youtube journey from MS Paint, and now he has more than 4 million subscribers. For more knowledge, you can watch his QNA videos.


I would recommend some ideas for animated videos that people would like and some channels based on that.

  • Love Story
  • Horror Story(Indian Channel: The Animation Fever)
  • Entertainment Videos(Indian Channel: Angry Prash)

Whiteboard Animations

If you don’t know 2d or 3d animations, then whiteboard animations might be the best opportunity for you. This is another great way for making youtube videos without showing your face.


If you are making explanation videos, then storyboard animations is the best. People often love whiteboard animations.

Gaming Channel

The future of gaming channel in youtube is the best niche. Many Youtuber had become successful from the gaming Channel like Pewdipie, Total Gaming, Mortal, Scout, etc.

You can play live on youtube. If you don’t want to go live, you can record gameplay of games and published them. Channels like GGuruji and GameXPro published their recorded gameplay and they had more than 1 million subscribers only because of gameplay Videos.

Some Best Games To Play for android:

  • Pubg Mobile
  • Freefire
  • CODM

These games are the trending games in the present era, so creating videos on them might boost your channel so give a try. Gaming Channel is also the best way for making youtube videos without showing your face.

Roast Videos Or Youtube News Updates

Do you know? You can also create a roast video without showing your faces. If you don’t want to make roast videos, you can upload youtube news update like NeonMan who has more than 1 million subscribers.

For the Background videos, you can record your gameplay. If you don’t want to record, you can find many free to use gameplay videos in youtube.

Screen Recording Videos

Screen Recording is a great way of showing your knowledge to others. You may have seen many creators showing screen recorded video with voiceover teaching you some stuffs like learning software, coding, etc.

There are lots of screen recording software. Streamlabs and Obs Studio are the best free screen recorder software you can find. Using this software, you can go live also.

Here are some topics for screen recording videos.

  • How to do like installing software, learning software, and so on.
  • Get started on learning programming languages

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Music Tracks & Videos

You don’t love music videos. Almost everyone in the world loves music tracks and videos. If you are an artist and create your original music, then music videos are the best options for you. Create your videos and make animated videos related to your music. It would be the best combination without showing your faces on youtube.

You can also make lyrics video but for that, you need to take permission from the original music artists. You can also make a cover song or play musical instruments making a similar tune. But don’t forget to ask permission from the original creators. Otherwise, you may get copyright issues.

Making music track and publishing music videos is one of the greatest ways for making youtube videos without showing your face.

Education Teaching Videos

Many students get confused in study. They search youtube channel for further study. I, myself have searched many times related to education based on my semester. Not Everyone is perfect and they can not understand the teaching way of the teacher.

If you are good in study, you can make videos on them teaching other students. Many Indian teachers help students worldwide in learning stuffs. Just gave a try on it.

Product Reviews

It is not necessary to buy a product for reviews. You can search on the internet and according to your research, you can make a product review video. For eg: Best technology in 2020, best electronic gadgets in 2020, and so on.

Also, you can buy products and do the unboxing of them without showing your face. Product reviews might be a good way for making youtube videos without showing your face.

You can also provide affiliate links in the description box, so if any user buys from that link, you will get some commissions.


You can also become a successful YouTuber if you create original content without showing your face. I hope these youtube channel ideas without showing face helps you in your youtube carrier.

Please let me know about the ideas in the comment section. If I need to improve anything, kindly mention it below. I will work on that.

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